Walking into golden eagles spur, you’ll notice it’s really a family restaurant as they say. There’s a mini kids playground in front. Walking into the building I noticed the sitting arrangements were in booths! Just how I Love my restaurants.

I went with some pals and by the time we sat down, it took the waiter about 10 minutes to attend to us. Got the menu and took a little while before we made up our minds on what to take. When we were done with placing our orders, James (the waiter)  told us the meal will be ready in about 15 minutes. I applaud them in time keeping, because in 15 minutes our food was ready (yep, I timed them!)

While I was still taking pictures of my food when it arrived, I saw a train of waiters singing and clapping while carrying this beautiful cake to a table! Apparently, one of the customers was celebrating her birthday.  10 minutes later, same thing happened on another table, so I guess that’s how they treat customers celebrating their birthday at the Golden Eagles Spur family restaurant (I planned on asking but it skipped my mind. Maybe on my next visit).

What I had :
* Spurs special burger and fries N2,400
* Fried chicken N1,200
* Regular Salad (came with the burger and fries)
* Chapman with vodka N1,000 – N1,500
* Water & lime

The prices at this restaurant isn’t neck breaking at all, and also the service is great.

The only problem I had with this restaurant is the sits in the booths were so close to the table. Aside that, I had a great time there!

Where is it at? 
53 Isacc John St., Lagos 100271, Nigeria (GRA, Ikeja).

Contact :
0708 605 0483

Instagram :

Have you been to Golden Eagles Spur? What was your experience like? I’ll Love to know in the comments section.