Green Chilli Steakhouse is a new spot in Abuja.  It’s what I’ll call a cute beautiful spot. 

Walking into Green Chilli Steakhouse gives this minimalist vibe. Space is all white with random wall frames hanging on the wall, down to the multi-striped seats properly arranged in booths, to the carriage positioned in the middle of the restaurant filled with random plastic fruits, leaves, and roses. 

The menu offers a variety of food like steak, grills, pasta, salads, kebabs, fish fingers, tacos, some Nigerian dishes, etc.

I and my friend decided to check this spot out and we had the Koffta beef kebab with flatbread, Chicken Alfredo pasta, Grilled tilapia with baked potatoes, and apple juice. 

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Koffta Beef Kebab With Flatbread -N2,500

The flatbread stole my heart at first bite, it came straight from the oven to our table all freshly made and hot. It was so soft and chewy and I enjoyed it. The Koffta beef kebabs were well marinated but weren’t so tender for me, and that’s because I love my beef so tender it should dissolve once I put it in my mouth. If you don’t love your beef extra tender then you’ll enjoy this one.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta -N3,000

The Chicken Alfredo was a yummy dish too. It was penne Alfredo, I was hoping to get spaghetti so I do the swirl! My disappointment was short-lived because as I took the first bite I forgot about that swirl. The pasta wasn’t so creamy, but it was delicious.

Grilled Tilapia With Baked Potatoes -N3,800

I have mixed feelings for this one. Let’s start with the baked potatoes – I loved them. It was well seasoned and properly baked I have absolutely nothing to complain about this dish.  We were enjoying the grilled Tilapia till we got to the uncooked part -I know! We got to speak to the owner about the fish and she apologized, even told us the tilapia was their bestseller. So, I figured it must have been a bad day -every restaurant has one of those days. I’ll be going back sometime to try the grilled Tilapia before I give a final verdict.

Apple Juice -N1000 (500 each)

This apple juice was so refreshing. It was a hot day and this was all one needed to quench one’s thirst. I’d recommend trying it out when/if you dine at Green Chilli Steakhouse.

Water -N500 (for 2 bottles)



Service – Amazing

The service at Green Chilli Steakhouse was amazing. 

Back story -when we first got into the restaurant it was hot. The voltage couldn’t power the AC and after some minutes of being so hot, we had to complain. They finally switched to their generator which could power the AC and that worked in keeping the place cool.

Ps: Everything here is freshly cooked so you might wait 45 minutes to an hour before your food is served. 

Ambiance – Beautiful 

Green Chilli Steakhouse is such a beautiful spot. The carriage with flowers made the space so picture perfect.

Where it is located

Tatti Plaza, Kado Estate Abuja, Nigeria



Have you been to Green Chilli Steakhouse? Will you be visiting?  If you have, what was your experience? Have you tried anything off their menu? Share in the comment section ❤️. 



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