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Overcoming the fear of rejection

Rejection…. Everyone’s nightmare!

Feeling rejected hurts as it makes you doubt your worth while undermining your confidence.  We’ve all experienced rejection at different points in our lives. From not getting a dream job to getting a rejection letter from a dream school, or the fear of rejection in a relationship or friendships or simply any part of your life. 

The fear of rejection and the feeling of unworthiness can trap one into not achieving their dreams with their full potential. This makes one feel worse about oneself, thereby creating a cycle of fear and low self-esteem. Most times, you probably feel like you’ve tried or done everything in your capacity to feel better and just don’t seem to be improving.

However, it is possible to overcome the fear of rejection and improve your self esteem. Keep reading to discover how to overcome the fear of rejection, and how to improve your self esteem for a better version of yourself. 

Some fear of rejection signs to look out for ||

  • Rejection makes you feel less of yourself.
  • Anytime you are/feel rejected, you think the worse of yourself or not worthy enough to other people. 
  • You always assume people see you as a failure or have negative thoughts about you. 
  • Rejection makes you believe you can’t achieve your dreams. 
  • You make excuses to remove yourself from situations where you might feel rejected. 

Ways to overcome the fear of rejection

5 ways to overcome the fear of rejection and improve your self esteem ||

Embrace not knowing ||

Stop doubting yourself. Feeling rejected always makes one doubt oneself when applying for positions or trying out new paths. Stop having negative narratives on how things should play out, and put in your best effort in whatever you do. 

Be imaginative ||

Be very imaginative in overcoming the fear of rejection. 

Take out a few minutes daily to look in your mirror and speak confidently to yourself. Imagine yourself in situations that make you insecure and try to be confident in it. Imagine yourself unworried by the idea of rejection. In time, this habit can help to reshape your thoughts and expectations.

Build a narrative || 

When learning how to improve your self esteem, it is important to know what triggered it.  Who taught you to fear rejection? Who told you you’re not worthy? 

You might have been told most of these as a kid, or situations that happened when you were young. Challenge these limiting beliefs and they start to lose their power over you. Build a positive narrative about yourself. 

Focus on what/how you want to be ||

Are you thinking it’s time for a promotion at work?

Instead of thinking of ways you aren’t qualified, focus on setting a goal and working diligently towards getting that promotion. 

You’ll be more successful if you channel your thoughts to positive thoughts only. 

Redefine the meaning of rejection in your life ||

Understand that being rejected doesn’t mean you’re unworthy, unlovable, etc. 

Remember that most popular people/public figures experienced rejection at different points of their lives, but the zeal to keep pushing eventually paid off. 

Rejection shouldn’t carry much weight in your life, understand that some days you’ll be told yes and some you’ll be told no; but don’t let it define your life. 

Have you ever experienced any fear of rejection at any point of your life? Have you been told no in a situation you were certain you’ll be told yes? How did you handle it? Share in the comment section so we can all learn a thing or two from your story!



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